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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting


low voltage lighting

Low Voltage Lighting

You have pulled out all the stops to make your house and landscape first rate. So why let all that hard work and expense disappear at night. With the flick of a switch and some well-placed landscape lights, you can eliminate the darkness and put it all on display. Illuminate.

Done right, landscape lighting highlights your home’s architectural features and draws attention to plants and specimen trees, as well as providing a safe, secure and welcoming environment. With the proper touch, a craftsman can enhance the beauty and value of your home.

Low voltage lights provide low levels of even illumination eliminating dark shadows and unseen areas of your property that come with high voltage floodlights. Low Voltage is ideal for illuminating walkways, allowing visitors and residents to safely navigate around the property. Lighting up private areas of a property allows for evening enjoyment of decks, sitting areas and recreational spaces. Low voltage lighting accentuates shapes and textures of landscapes and structures, by painting with light and creating dramatic scenes.

Most landscape lighting is low voltage. Unlike 120-volt systems, it is safer to work with, less costly to install, and uses about 1/3 less electricity.


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February 20, 2020