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We believe every property owner deserves an impeccable landscape.

Whether you need landscape installation and design, a lawn care maintenance plan, or weed control services, the team at MD Landscape Construction can handle any landscaping job. Our dedication and commitment to the properties of our residential and commercial customers are what has put us on the map. As a full-service landscaping company, we have been enhancing the curb appeal of many properties. Our superior workmanship, close attention to detail, and excellent customer service help us bring higher-quality results to the outdoor spaces for all our clients.

Hardscapes, Patio and Excavation

Enjoy a patio to entertain guests, a relaxing pool area, or outdoor kitchen with our landscape installations. We can enhance and expand your outdoor living with our customized hardscape solutions.

Create Symmetry with Hard Elements

Hardscape installation is the term for built structures in our environments such as streets and sidewalks, highways and housing developments. It also includes pools, walls, fireplaces and fountains, and places where the barren soil has been overtaken by concrete and asphalt. Sidewalks and patios are probably the most typical example of small-scale hardscaping. Sometimes they are larger in scale, such as roads or traffic islands. Most structures built to retain water are hardscapes because they have a water retaining barrier. Hardscaping lets workers build that would not be possible with soil erosion.
Land Excavation

MD Landscape Construction is a professional Landscape company serving central Massachusetts.Want to create a new outdoor living space? We’ll custom-design one using natural stone and selected plantings. We’ll make it happen. Dreaming of a whole new design for your landscape? We’ll work with you to create one that fits your budget and your lifestyle. What’s more, we can put up retaining walls, design attractive walkways and patios, re-contour your landscape and install drainage systems. Whether you are constructing new or renovating an existing property we are here to guide you and make your plans a reality.

Retaining Walls

When MD Landscape completes a retaining wall, it is strong, beautiful, and made to last long. Your finished project will be designed with purpose beyond its appearance. We design and complete your retaining wall installation to prevent erosion, direct water runoff, and hold soil in place. Your retaining wall installation will be useful in keeping your landscape properly maintained for many years to come.

Retaining Walls will Maintain your Property

When you choose us as your retaining wall contractor, you can also book landscape maintenance services with us. Our landscaping team is familiar with all types of hardscaping features, so we are capable of handling any kind of repairs. In order to be functional, a hardscape feature may need minor maintenance on a regular basis. Upgrade your property with our experienced hardscaping and retaining wall services.

A number of residential homes are built on hills and slopes. And for a homeowner who considers having retaining walls for his yard, especially those needing to build medium to large walls, the services of a landscaping company may be required to ensure proper and secure installation.

There are several factors that should first be considered before working on retaining walls. It is crucial for the design to, specifically, cater the slope’s requirements in order to meet structural stabilization and balance. Among these factors are wall sizes, height, width, depth and ground pressure. Landscaping companies can help identify these factors and determine which design could best meet all your requirements.

Patio Fireplace

What better way is there to enjoy the evening with family and friends than sitting around a smoldering fire in your very own backyard fire pit?

M.D. Landscape Services can install a stone paver fire pit in your yard as an extension of your current patio or you can tie it in with a walkway, patio or poolside addition.

Patio & Sidewalks

– Pavers are an excellent improvement to any home or business and are not only aesthetic but completely practical.

Pavers are rated to be four times as strong as a typical concrete slab, which means they can handle four times as much weight on their surface before they crack. Due to the installation process and their interlocking system, paving stones are extremely flexible allowing them to disperse the pressure or weight evenly, which prevents cracking. If any settling should occur, the stones can be lifted, the base can be re-compacted & then the pavers can be set back into place looking brand new. This is different from cement which only does two things, get hard and crack. Concrete slabs can also be very slippery when wet. Pavers are made to add traction & prevent slippage making them ideal for driveways & pool decks.

MD Landscape will ensure your patio will last!

Drain, Fencing, Landscape, Lawn Care & Lighting

Keep your property looking vibrant and beautiful with regular landscape maintenance. From mowing lawns and planting flowers to aerating lawns and mulching, we offer a variety of maintenance services perfect for your property.

Drainage Solutions
Water is necessary for every landscape but too much of one thing is never good. MD Landscape has the expert experience to diagnose and solve your drainage issues. We have the ability to offer a variety of drainage and water management solutions to meet your needs. Whether you have an area of your yard where water accumulates after rainfall, an area of your yard that is “always wet”, a wet basement, puddles on your patio or driveway or water in an area where you don’t want it to be we have the ability to diagnose your drainage issues and provide functional solutions. 
Solutions include:
  • PVC drain pipe installation to divert your gutter downspouts and sump pump discharge lines
  • Perforated PVC drain pipe installation (exterior french drain), 
  • Catch basin installation to collect and divert excess surface water
  • Channel drains to collect water close to structures and sheet flow across wide areas
  • Dry wells to manage water on site
  • Exterior pumps to remove water from areas below grade
  • Corrective grading / leveling of turf areas
  • Rain gardens / dry creek beds to naturally manage water and reduce erosion 

We use high quality materials to build a sturdy, long-lasting fence or gate. Our skilled craftsmen will work with you to custom design and install a decorative or traditional fence or gate from your blueprints or our portfolio.

  • Cedar Fences
  • Chain Link Fences
  • Composite Fences
  • Custom-Built Fences
  • Fence Repairs
  • Gates
  • Vinyl Fences
Landscape Construction

f you have a vision for your landscaping, M.D. Landscape Construction makes it come to life! If you do not yet have a vision, our designers can create one. Whether you’re looking to revitalize your current landscaping or totally renovate your yard, M.D. Landscape Construction is your best value and top quality choice for all your landscape needs. From simple plantings to entire landscape design services including mulching, sod installation, retaining walls, flower installation, spring clean up, fall clean up, tree and plant installation and landscape renovation and repair, M.D. Landscape Constructions is a complete landscaping maintenance service company that accommodates projects of any size. Throughout years of exceptional performance, we have been exceeding the needs of our customers by providing the highest quality of services in the industry, establishing ourselves as one of the premier landscaping companies in central Massachusetts. You name it, we’ve done it. Our experienced staff has familiarity in all facets of landscape construction so relax; your yard is in good hands

Lawn Care

We cover all aspects of lawn care for both residents and commercial customers. From weekly mowing and weed control to lawn installation and repair. Each plan is customized to your needs. The below list represents our lawn care services.

  • Weekly lawn mowing and trimming
  • Lawn installation and repair
  • Weed control
  • Fertilization programs
  • Core Aeration
  • Spring and Fall clean up
Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

You have pulled out all the stops to make your house and landscape first rate. So why let all that hard work and expense disappear at night. With the flick of a switch and some well-placed landscape lights, you can eliminate the darkness and put it all on display. Illuminate.

Done right, landscape lighting highlights your home’s architectural features and draws attention to plants and specimen trees, as well as providing a safe, secure and welcoming environment. With the proper touch, a craftsman can enhance the beauty and value of your home.

Low voltage lights provide low levels of even illumination eliminating dark shadows and unseen areas of your property that come with high voltage floodlights. Low Voltage is ideal for illuminating walkways, allowing visitors and residents to safely navigate around the property. Lighting up private areas of a property allows for evening enjoyment of decks, sitting areas and recreational spaces.

Low voltage lighting accentuates shapes and textures of landscapes and structures, by painting with light and creating dramatic scenes.

Most landscape lighting is low voltage. Unlike 120-volt systems, it is safer to work with, less costly to install, and uses about 1/3 less electricity.

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